During the 30 years of existence, countless economic changes have taken place. Even today we can see a prosperous enterprise that has shown a continuous development trend over the years.

The goal of the company nowadays is to maintain the leading domestic position in beef production acquired over many years, as well as to effectively expand the market by expanding the product range with processed beef products. Expanding export markets is also a priority.



Mikofami Kft. was founded 30 years ago, on May 29, 1991. In the beginning, there were only commercial activities - the owners founding the company exported live cattle from Hungary to Italy. To meet their partners’ needs, bone-in beef quarters have started to ship abroad.



The export of Hungarian beef meat, which is extremely valuable on the Italian market, became uncertain in 2005, when Zalahús Zrt. – the company providing slaughtering service –, went bankrupt. MIKOFAMI Kft. leased Zalahús Zrt.’s plant from its liquidator, so the previous activities could continue without interruption. However, it became clear that this step will not provide a definitive solution for the future business. The owners of the company decided to build a new cattle slaughterhouse in frame of greenfield investment, as there were no other slaughterhouses producing beef meat for export in the western counties of Hungary.



The new plant was handed over in 2007 and achieved the absolute frontline of the Hungarian beef market soon thanks to the most modern technological equipments and unique two-floored design. The company's activities in the new slaughterhouse have been constantly expanding: on the sales line due to the successful market acquisition and by increasing the purchase volume of livestock. From 2008 there were continuous expansions in order to increase production and sales volume beside cost reduction. Funds accumulated over the years were invested into necessary improvements: corrals and car park were expanded, the refrigeration and freezing capacity was increased, and a new, self-developed ERP system was implemented. In the spring of 2014, a fire broke out at the slaughterhouse. Huge damage arose in the building and the technology too. Production could not continue. For the transitional period while the plant was under reconstruction, production was managed in Jászszentandrás. In October 2014, the restoration of the plant was completed. Despite of the difficulties Mikofami Ltd. was able to maintain the markets and the production could continue without disruption.



The successful work of the following years paid off, MIKOFAMI Kft. made significant improvements again. Between 2016 and 2018 within the framework of the Rural Development Program (project number: VP-3-4.2.1-15, project name: Enhancing the Value of Agricultural Products and Promoting Resource Efficiency in Processing) an investment of HUF 119 million was realized in the plant with a 50% non-refundable subsidy. The project included purchase of machines and equipment for meat processing, construction of a 100kWh solar power system, expansion of the building and the related infrastructure, as well as construction of a new freezer with refrigeration technology. Between 2019 and 2021 also within the framework of the Rural Development Program (project number: VP3-4.2.1-4.2.2-18, project name: Enhancing the Value of Agricultural Products in Processing) an investment of HUF 65 million was realized in the plant with a 50% non-refundable subsidy. Within the project another 100kWh solar power system was installed and machines required for technological developments were procured.

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