Our plant was built in 2007 in the frame of greenfield investment. Thanks to the unique two-floored design of the building and the modern technological equipment, we achieved the absolute frontline of the Hungarian beef market soon.

In our meat factory, we pay special attention to hygiene conditions, domestic and European Union regulations and legislation. Production processes are carried out under constant official veterinary supervision. We have been operating our HACCP system since 2007, and we will also regulate food safety from 2021 using the international IFS Food standard.

Approved daily capacity of the slaughterhouse:


cattle for slaughter

50 t

cutting, boning and packaging of meat

1 t

minced and prepared meat

110 t

frozen storage of meat

Mikofami meat plant
Slaughterhouse, freshly processed meat products
Freshly slaughtered beef waiting for processing
Steps of meat processing. Fresh calf meat before processing
Processed meat during the packaging process
Beef meat during the packaging process
Packed beef meat
Processed beef meat
Steps of meat processing
Beef meat processing: weight scaling
Beef patties in the wrapping process
Mikofami meat plant packaging machine
Freshly packaged beef meat patties
Fresh beef meat patties before the packaging process
Mikofami meat plant packaging process
Fresh meat products during the packaging process
Mikofami meat plant from the outside
Mikofami meat plant'environment: solar panel system
Meat plant: waste product handling mechanism

The slaughtering hall is located on the upper floor of the building. The by-products generated during the slaughter process are immediately transferred through a closed system to the lower waste processing floor at the place of origin, leaving the food path. In this way, product contamination can be avoided and the growth of microorganisms can be prevented, which are decisive microbiological factors of the quality, shelf life and consumability of products. Hazardous waste is handled with special care and is transported and disposed of by our contractual partner.

After technological processes of slaughtering carcasses are moved to cooling rooms for pre-chilling. There are four cooling rooms suitable for carcasses. After quartering process beef quarters are chilled in cooling rooms developed on the same floor.

Deboning and meat processing hall is located on the lower floor of the plant. Bone-in quarters are released from the upper floor on a conveyor track. After deboning process meat parts are packaged according to the customer's needs. Beef meat products are mainly sold vacuum-packed, pre-chilled and frozen.

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